The festival of Saint Agatha is the most important religious festival of the city of Catania. It is celebrated in honour of the patron saint of the city, and is one of the religious festivals of the catholic follow up, just for the number of people that involves and attracts.

The festival of Saint Agatha is the most important religious festival of the city of Catania. It is celebrated in honour of the patron saint of the city, and is one of the religious festivals of the catholic follow up, just for the number of people that involves and attracts.

Where: Municipio, Piazza Duomo.

CATANIA | Sicily
Pec: comitatofestasantagata@pec.it

Where: Municipio, Piazza Duomo.

CATANIA | Sicily
Pec: comitatofestasantagata@pec.it




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Safety plan

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The capacities, or the number of persons that may be accommodated in static moments, and in the Church:

Will be checked at the Metal Detector

The evening of February 3rd



8,400 people

4,100 people

The morning of February 4th and 6th


9,000 people

The fires of February 5th:


10,000 people




2,500 people

3,000 people


FEBRUARY 6th & 12th

2,500 people

2,250 people

2,250 with stars (if it rains)


To allow everyone to participate have been placed on maxi-screens in piazza Università, piazza Duomo and the inside of the Cathedral.

- What do not need to bring:

backpacks, bottles, sharp objects or the like.

- Info on the candles that are to be kept off during the procession.

Can be lit in the designated areas laid down in Piazza dei Martiri, Piazza Stesicoro (between the amphitheatre and the via Etnea), Via Dusmet in front of Altar of Sant'agata, Piazza Borgo in front of the Church of Sant'agata to the Village.

- You can find areas dedicated to disabled people:

The Piazza Duomo, in the vicinity of the Stage, the Piazza Stesicoro, going up from via Etnea, the right-hand side, the Square Village in the area to the South of the same, the Square of the Martyrs to the north of the entrance to via V. Emanuele.

- info on the presence of the health and where is the place advanced medical:

The PMA is located in Republic square, the health will always be present with a number of teams of 5 people) variable from 6 to 8 depending on the situation and a number of ambulances, ranging from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 8 of which two are always with a doctor on board.

- Emergency numbers: 112 and 118.

OPERATING CENTRE of the MUNICIPAL (C. O. C.) 095 7101177 / 095 7101178 (Active from February 3 to February 6).

Precautions & Recommendations

- As soon as you take vision of the ways of removal are present,

- The direction of departure will normally be at your back or side,

- To get away not to overcome the boundaries that may be present in the areas,

- In case of need, the security staff will open the gates specially designed and reported,

- To avoid crowding dangerous, keep a distance of respect from those who are near,

- Do not sit and/or do not sit children on boundaries present,

- Do not lean and/or do not climb on the boundaries present,

- If you need help, contact a safety officer,

- Provided help to those who are close to you, it would be needed.

- Do not climb on the monuments, taking into account that the show will appreciate with the observation from the plan of the public street

Inside of the event area


- Park within the safety zone during the firing of the burners;

- Introduce backpacks of any kind (the bags will be the object of control);

- The introduction of luggage, trolley or trolleys;

- Climb balustrades, railings and other facilities located in the area of the Event;

- Unduly routes reserved for emergency vehicles;

- Create an obstacle to the regular flow of people along the path for the exodus;

- Introducing or possessing weapons, explosive material, fireworks, smoke bombs, flares, stones, chains, knives or other items for tip or cutting;

- Introduce and hold drinks in glasses or glass bottles and/or cans;

- Introduce auctions, clubs (excluding health and umbrellas);

- Introduce flammable, explosive or corrosive;

- Introduce the spray cans;

- Introduce bicycle, or other means of transport, except for those needed by people with mobility difficulties.


We recommend that you use instead of backpacks and bags, clear containers to speed up the time control.

“What must do for the citizen? Follow the directions provided by the Forces of, by the stewards and volunteers from the Civil Protection” and see this site or that of the Municipality (www.comune.catania.it) for more information.

Is the staff end of the imposing “Plan for the management of Safety during the Feast of Sant'agata 2020” prepared by the “Committee for the feast of St. Agatha” to “ensure the safety of the faithful users who want to attend/participate in the events linked to the feast of Sant'agata”.

In the introduction to the Plan explains how “The event is both dynamic, in function of the movements of the Relics, both of the static type, in the vicinity of well-defined spots in which the "Fercolo", stationed for longer or shorter periods. Emergencies to be considered is generated in the following cases: mass panic due to a fire, alert for terrorist attacks, the use of spray stinging, fights and false alarms; health problems; earthquakes; structural collapse of parts of buildings facing the event; the dispersion or fire of Lpg gas. Is the risk associated with the hazard, direct or indirect, due to the effect of the panic and overcrowding in the vicinity of the routes of the exodus.

Existing control measures affect the proper flow to the users. Of crucial importance is the guidance of the people towards the routes of the exodus, the control of the herd effect and the clearing towards the escape routes more free.
The Plan adheres to the “Guidelines for the measures of safety to be adopted in the processes of government and management of public events” issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

“The planning of emergency provides for the adoption of all the measures of protection of the population, the health and social care with particular regard to persons with reduced autonomy and minors, the assistance to persons lost and the continuous control of the regular course of events. Disabled people will have, as required, the appropriate spaces with barriers that will allow their presence during the event.

The Plan identifies as moments of higher risk, on the 3rd of February the “Fireworks in Piazza Duomo”; the 4 at the end of the mass at dawn, when the reliquary and the Relics of St. Agatha are transported on a traditional Pallet; 5 with the “fireworks in piazza Cavour”; the February 6 morning with the “return to the Cathedral”.

From here, the coordination Centre for the management of the security will move at the events of increased risk. In the context of safety management, and are provided for operators intended to support the exodus; routing and monitoring of the event; fight the fire. The stewards are recognisable by a logo, there will be the present.
The Plan then provides for the requirements of specific character for autonegozi and stalls, for the management of ceri, who, it reiterates the Plan, may be lit only in designated parking areas and not during the procession.

No alcoholic beverages and/or spirits in glass bottles and cans in the center and along the route of the Relics; the temporary suspension of the concessions of public land for allocation of tables, chairs and umbrellas along the streets of the exodus; the establishment of a ring-closing to traffic/top traffic along the route of the Relics for the static events; the establishment of prohibition parking and transit of vehicles in the routes of the exodus, in the access ways and along the path of the Pallet; ordinance to apply to private control of the stability of their balconies overlooking the sights of the route. There are also requirements operational for the stars, and of course the planning of healthcare with the availability of means and the rescuers, modulated numerically for each event, in relation to situations of risk. In Republic Square, the South side, there will be a place for advanced medical.

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